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While in Italy, the Mad Poets’ very own Chris Ludwig recorded UFOs hovering over the Roman Coliseum at night with his cell phone!

No, we mean it!  REALLY!  Chris recorded a UFO sighting!

When he first TOLD the other MPs about the sighting, we sort of looked at each other and thought that it must have been a result of the Italian “vino” he was undoubtedly…”tasting” at the time.  I mean, hey, this is Chris we’re talking about!  THEN we saw the recording.

Watch the video for yourself and look for the following:

Check out the formation, appearing somewhat like the Big Dipper – only MOVING!  Do you think the Italian Air Force could’ve pulled that off?!  Notice the bottom two points closing their distance.  Looking closely, you can see the points of light alternating colors!  Also, the audio records absolutely no engine or jet noise.  Chris also stated that as he was later watching them, they all of a sudden disappeared.

We’re going to send this video file to Art Bell and Dan Ackroyd.

Great sighting, Chris!