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Posted: April 5, 2011 in Welcome

How many people today expect the same quality of music Lester Bangs demanded from the music of his day? How many people even know who Lester Bangs was…?

I disagree with most listeners and contend that good music is not dead. It is out there. Unfortunately though, it’s still buried beneath the same commercial layer of bilge water and slime that it’s always been. Nothing is really different today than from yesterday. The only difference is that the sludge and muck is fresher…

I’m a music lover. Always have been. I am also a musician, so I’ve seen a lot of the problems up close. With this new blog aptly entitled “Mac Tracts,” I hope to accomplish three things: review fairly the music that I am currently hearing and have historically heard; comment on some of the things that either move me or irritate me regarding music; and pass on information whenever possible on where and how to find routes to those hidden layers of bedrock we call good music.

I hope you can find something here you can use, and if you have anything to add, please pass on some of the magic you’ve uncovered.

Tim McCarthy